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Chuck Mahoney - Drums

At the age of seven, after being told that his arms were too short to adequately play the slide trombone, Chuck began beating the snare drum. (Note: I was greatly disappointed by this, as I had my heart set on the trombone. It was more of a persuasion by the parents that got me into playing the drums). Throughout elementary school and middle school, Mahoney's primary instrument remained the snare, performing regularly with a complete orchestra. During this time, Mahoney learned the importance of dynamics. One sunny afternoon, Mahoney watched and listened to the Crescenta Valley Jazz Ensemble perform at his school (Rosemont Middle School). This incredible sound eventually led to Mahoney beating numerous drums (the drum set). Within a year, Mahoney found a spot onto the CVHS Jazz Ensemble. Rather than reading the drum charts, he chose to play by "feel" (by simply listening). At the end of his high school years, Mahoney found himself sub-grouped with a few other high school band mates. This jazz quartet, that quickly became a trio, was known as Saxmachine. The primary trio performed covers and one original tune regularly at a local Starbucks for tips and free coffee. The band dissolved when Mahoney left for college. During college, Chuck joined the UCR Jazz Ensemble. It was here that he learned discipline and limb independence. It was also here where Mahoney teamed up with Mahoney to carry on the name of WTH. During his college years, the two released two albums, the first being CFACR and the second being PP (recorded about two years apart). Shortly following the recording of their second album, Chuck ceased playing drums for a two year period, due to the start of a full time job and relocation. During this time, Mahoney picked up basic guitar and bass (I could not keep away from music completely!). After two years, Mahoney returned to playing drums. It was at this point where he paid closer attention to the metronome (don't actually know why it took so long). With a few months of nonstop practice, he has molded himself into the drummer you hear today. Three to four months following the drum reintroduction, Chuck met up with two guitarists through Craigslist - the product was WiV.

Influences: Neil Peart, Carter Beauford, Bill Bruford, Dave Garibaldi, Danny Carey, Aaron Comess, Dave Weckl + many many more!

Favorite saying: Whatever....

Equipment: Yamaha Recording Custom, Zildjian Custom A Cymbals, Zildjian Custom Dark Cymbals, Drum Workshop Hardware, Yamaha Hardware, Tama Hardware, Rock n Sock Throne, Vic Firth 5A Sticks, Spider II amp, Old-ass Metronome.

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